Another Off the Hook Recipe! Sunset Martini

I created this drink recipe to go along my fish dishes keeping the Florida theme in mine and It came out awesome one of our favorite! Enjoy!!

Sunset Martini

4 oz St-Germain
8 oz vodka
4 oz tangerine juice plus ½ of a tangerine
¼ cup pure Florida cane sugar

In a large shaker filled with ice half way add St-Germain, Vodka and 4 oz of the tangerine juice. Shake well.
Take 4 martini glasses and rub the half tangerine pulp side all the way around the rims of the glasses. Place the cane sugar in a small plate and take each glass and dip the rim of the glasses in the sugar to coat well all the way around.
Share the shaker one more time and pour in glasses. You may add a piece of tangerine rind into the glasses totally optional. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Another Off the Hook Recipe! Sunset Martini

  1. Boy, sure would LOVE to share one of these while chatting with you and being in your Floridia kitchen! 🙂 Sounds wonderful, just like all your other video “Off the Hook” recipes do!

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